Worship Academy

in partnership with Worship Central


Worship Academy in partnership with Worship Central

Do you have a heart for God, worship, and the Church? Do you have experience in leading worship? The Worship Year Out in partnership with Worship Central Academy is designed for emerging worship leaders actively involved in leading in their church.

You will be trained through Worship Central Academy and will receive
theological teaching through Belfast Bible College and Crown Jesus Ministries’ School of Evangelism.

The course will run from September 2019 until June 2020. It is a part-time course with expected attendance for full days on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as Thursday evenings and serving on Sundays.


You will be actively involved in the life of CFC Worship Community, serving and leading throughout all our sites. You will help plan and lead our Team Nights and grow as a worship leader and songwriter. We will invest in you through practical workshops, leadership training and theological teaching. You will be assigned a mentor who you will meet on a regular basis for leadership input.


  • 10:00 – Staff Meeting / Staff Development 10:30 – Staff Prayer
  • 11:00 - Set list preparation & band communication
  • 12:00 – Song Writing Hub 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Belfast Bible College 17:00 – Close


  • 09:00 – Devotions (Worship and Thought led by Academy Students)
  • 10:00 – Feedback from Worship Pastor 10:30 – Staff Prayer
  • 11:00 – Session 1: Leading Worship – Robin Mark
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Session 2: Vocal Workshop – Leah McFall
  • 16:00 – Close


Worship Central Academy Retreat in Birmingham OR Team Night – Encounter (CFC Worship Community gather for food, worship and training) OR Band Rehearsal


Leading worship with a team at a CFC site or leading at your home church.

We cover a wide range of topic areas in our Wednesday teaching sessions, such as; Key Principles of Communication Leadership & Management, Songwriting, Band Dynamics, Growing as a Musician.

You will also have the opportunity to gain teaching throughout the year from various CFC conferences as well as conferences run by organisations we have long standing relationships with, such as the Worship Central Ireland Conference



Throughout the year, there will be a number of opportunities for students to come together for input from the Worship Central Academy in Birmingham. Each term, Worship Central will host a Retreat where all students involved in the programme across the UK will come together for these days.. These times are designed to invest in you, through teaching various topics and issues relevant to your development as worship leaders. The first term will begin with a retreat, setting the tone for the year ahead, and a chance to also meet other Academy students. You’ll also be placed in monthly online learning hubs, led by a tutor with worship pastor experience. In these groups, you’ll journey through many topics during the year, as well as be set a number of assignments to complete. Worship Central’s ‘The Week’ (a 5 day intensive retreat for worship leaders and pastors) will be a key part of the year.


You will attend six theological sessions at Belfast Bible College, three sessions in Term 1 and three sessions in Term 2. This is designed to grow you theologically with a focus on song writing.


In Term 3 you will attend a five week course on Apologetics delivered by Zacharias Trust as part of Crown Jesus Ministries’ School of Evangelism on a Monday evening. This is designed to develop you as a thinker and leader.


The total cost is £1600.

Here is the break down of what this includes:

  • £1200 – (Worship Central Academy (flights are not included in this cost)
  • £100 – Belfast Bible College
  • £40 – Crown Jesus Ministries’ School of Evangelism
  • £260 – CFC Worship Academy (In-house training and development)

Payment Installments: Term 1: £600 Term 2: £500 Term 3: £500