SEPTEMBER 2019 - JUNE 2020



Jesus has an earth-shaking plan for His church, one which involves taking the gospel to the entire globe and making followers in every single nation - and one vital tool He’s going to use to do that is leaders. So they matter.

As such, here at CFC, we are making leaders one of our top priorities. We want to find people from all over Ireland and beyond who have a call from God to lead in the church, and give them the tools to be the best leaders they can possibly be, and our academy is the way we plan to do that.

If you are someone who has a desire to lead in church, whether in broader church leadership, or the specific area of worship, we’d love you to consider applying for our Academy. Our heart and our hope is to help you step into the fullness of your calling, to become the best church leader or worship leader you can be, and to see Jesus’ church fulfil His manifesto to change the world.

We’d love to see you there!

Owen Crane Senior Pastor


Jesus has promised to build his church, and the main way he does that is through leaders. God has called us to raise up the next generation of these leaders, equipping them with depth in God’s word, a passionate spiritual life, tools for practical ministry, power from God to see signs and wonders, and the ability to lead others into all of the above, for the rest of their lives.


We believe worship is central in leading God-centred lives, shaping life-giving churches and changing a nation. Our vision is to see worship leaders and pastors raised up and equipped to serve their local churches.